Outreach Programme

Practical work and preaching opportunities are given to students during the weekends under the supervision of the Religious Committee. One week is set aside for practical work as a part of the curriculum. This provides the students xperience in preaching, evangelism and social services in both village and city context. The College further assigns the studetns as church minister or to church ministries during the vacation. The students’ ministry is evaluated by the college council and by the head of the recipient bodies.

Worship activities

  1. Sunday morning and evening services are arranged by the Secretary / Chaplain, Mission Compound Chapel Committee. All students are expected to attend the services regularly.
  2. In all working days vesper services are arranged by the College students committee.
  3. Every morning chapel devotion service is arranged by the Chapel Secretary of the College.

Private Devotion

Students are encouraged to adopt the habit of having private quite time in their own respective room.