Faculty and Staff

 Rev.Dr. Lt Haokip  Mr. W. Zimik
Name: Rev. Dr. Letkhothang Haokip
Designation: Principal
Dept.: Religion
Email id: haokipathang1@yahoo.com/mtckangpokpi@gmail.com
Mobile No. 8732031337
Office: 03880-263211
Name: Mr. Wungnaowung Zimik
Designation: Lecturer
Dept.: Church Ministry
Email id:
Mobile No.
 Ningdhar  Mr. Veipuni
Name: Rev. Ningdhar Ruivah
Designation: Vice-Principal
Dept.: History of Christianity
Email id: mtckangpokpi@gmail.com
Mobile No. 9402289283
Office: 03880-263211
Name: Mr. Vipunii
Designation: Lecturer
Dept.: Christian Theology
Email id: duopou@rediffmail.com
Mobile No.: 0946800264
 Mr. Kennedy Pou  Alfred
Name: Mr. Kennedy Poumai
Designation: Lecturer
Dept.: New Testament
Email id: dkpou09@rediffmail.com
Mobile No. 8730860642
Name: Mr. Chungsonglien Chiru
Designation: Lecturer
Dept.: History of Christianity
Email id: cslien27@gmail.com
Mobile No.: 8974858613
 K. Kothil Maring  Heshi Singson
Name: Mr. K Kothil Maring
Designation: Lecturer
Dept.: Social Analysis
Email id: komaringforchrist@gmail.com
Mobile No. :9612311597
Name: Mrs. Heshi Singson
Designation: Lecturer
Dept.: Christian Ministry(Counselling)
Email id: heshisingson@gmail.com
Mobile No.: 9774592653
 athu  solomon
Name: Mr. L. Athuo
Designation: Lecturer
Dept.: Missiology
Email id: athuo.ariio@gmail.com
Mobile No.: 9862290180
Name: Mr. Kansouwa Solomon Maring
Designation: Librarian
Email id: ksmaring@gmail.com
Mobile No.: 8732020583
 liiduo  Mahilakbou'
Name: Mr. B. Liiduo Lanah
Designation: Lecturer
Dept.: Old Testament
Email id: bliiduo10@gmail.com
Mobile No.: 9774592653
Name: Mr. P. Maihilakbou
Designation: Accountant
Email id: mpamai@gmail.com
Mobile No.: 9612878867